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You may have noticed that the new Fall class schedule doesn't include any "Oriental" technique classes.  No, this is not a mistake - rather, it is the result of months spent restructuring the Oriental program to better serve the needs of Saffron's student body.  Many of our students know that we regularly review the Oriental curriculum, adding moves here and there, renaming some and reshuffling the order in which they are presented.  But this summer's curriculum review went much more in depth and resulted in an entirely new program, with not only updated content but also a brand new structure.  So without further ado, please welcome the new Sharqi Program!  Read on to learn more about this new technique curriculum:

  • There are 5 Sharqi levels.  With the exception of S1, each level has 4 sessions and lasts a full year.
  • Each session has a specific technique focus.  This will remain the same from year to year.  The focuses are as follows:
    • Fall - Shimmies & Accents
    • Winter - Traveling & Turns
    • Spring - Undulations, Arms & Hands
    • Summer - Foundations Review & Polishing 
  • Each session has a unique curriculum that focuses on building fluency in the movement category(ies) being emphasized.  This means that fewer new moves will be introduced each session and that more time will be dedicated to both drilling movement & integrating new moves into combinations & across the floor work.
  • We encourage students to use the new technique focuses to help improve areas where you might want extra development.  For example, a student may be working at an S3 level for "Shimmies & Accents" in the Fall, but know that she needs some extra work developing her turns and footwork and therefore elect to take S2 during the Winter "Traveling & Turns" session.
  • Similarly, if you take off one session, you can always take the class that you miss the following year.  For example, if you are working at an S2 level and have to take the winter off, then the following year your schedule might look like this: S3 Fall, S2 Winter, S3 Spring, S3 Summer.   
  • In general students should plan on taking at least the Fall, Winter and Spring sessions of a level before considering moving up.  The Summer session is more focused on review, fluidity, combinations and revisiting foundations (in S4 & S5 there is also an additional focus on "hairography" movements).
  • Please note that the numbered levels do NOT correspond to the old Oriental levels.  Therefore if you were previously working at an O4 level, this may translate into the new S3 level.


We are very excited to start working with this new curriculum and we hope it allows students more time to develop both foundational and advanced movement vocabulary.

If you are wondering what level you should take, please email for advice on proper Sharqi placement.