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Happy Mother's Day!

  • by Elena Faye
  • May 14, 2017

As a community composed primarily of women, the role of motherhood is particularly present in our lives.  Many of our faculty and students are mothers themselves; some became mothers during their time at the studio, and it's always a joy to witness dancers as they transition into that new and exciting phase of their lives.  And many of us are lucky to have extremely loving mothers ourselves, who have supported us in innumerable ways.  To celebrate all of these amazing women, we'd like to highlight some wonderful Saffron Dance faculty mothers - both faculty members themselves and their own mothers.


My mom is seriously my NUMBER ONE inspiration! She put her life and career on hold for 20 plus years to support and push me in all of my aspirations… I would never have the business I have or the Saffron Family I belong to without her consistent efforts to have my back through each endeavor… To this day she is an official Saffron Mom, and everyone's cheerleader at the studio! - Dona


Here I am with my son Bijan, who used to be an SA at Saffron for the first couple of years the studio was open. It was taken at my niece Metra's wedding, who used to be a member of Ayoub and an SA, and who just two months ago became a mother herself. - Andrea


This was the first time my son saw me perform in a theater show. When I came out to say hello after my piece it took him a second to realize that I was his Mama. After a big hug, he looked up at me and asked what was on my eyes. He couldn't stop staring at my huge lashes. LOL! - Keika 


My mom, Eileen, is the rock of our family. She always knows what to do and is always there, 15 minutes early, to do it. She has made me the strong, stubborn, and loud woman that I am today. - Linda 


My mum, Claire, is an amazing woman!  She raised my brother and I to appreciate the blessings in life and to always be "nice and sweet and kind and good".  I look up to her in many ways and am honored to call her my "Mum" :)  (<-- don't you dare say "mom" or she'll pretend she didn't hear you, ha!) - Adrienne


My mom Lucille "Lucy" is awesome.  She is my biggest fan and supporter.  She is my peace and serenity in my world of chaos (real or imagined).  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  My mom, my Lucy, my best and dearest friend. - Malek