The art of belly dance & the community of amazing women have helped me grow and be inspired every day. -Nunah

Saffronita of the Month: August

  • by Elena Faye
  • Aug 15, 2017
Name | Sue
Occupation | Patent Attorney
Why belly dance? I discovered that belly dance is an exquisite, graceful, expressive dance form that fits beautifully on all women - no matter what size or shape. Belly dance provides a fun way to burn calories and tone up, and Saffron provides a friendly, encouraging atmosphere.
How long have you been at Saffron? I began at Saffron in August of 2014 - My daughter had just gone to college and I was missing her terribly.  I was looking for a distraction and was considering a dance class. I never had dance lessons - but I thoroughly enjoy dancing at weddings and parties. My favorite parts in movies and TV shows are dance scenes.
How did you find Saffron Dance, and what keeps you coming back? I found Saffron through an advertisement in a local paper.  Saffron was holding some free classes to encourage people to try belly dancing.  I so enjoyed the first class with Elena, I signed up for a Crash Course and have been taking classes ever since. All of the instructors have been wonderful and each offers her own perspective to the dance. Saffron reinforces a positive body image and attracts friendly women. My posture and self-esteem have both improved over the years at Saffron and I see my body in a less critical, more positive light.
What were your thoughts after your first class? What fun!! I must come back.
What is the most challenging part of your dance studies? What is the most exciting/rewarding? A challenge for me is combining upper body and lower body movements. I am pleased and excited that the muscle memory is kicking in - allowing me to make such combinations. I have yet to perform, but I hope to in the next year.
Any other comments you want to add on your belly dance experience and future goals? Through Saffron, I have explored areas of the world I never envisioned I would go - Morocco and Crete. Morocco in particular was intriguing and delightful. I rode a camel nicknamed Chewbacca!
How she inspires us | The SOM is one of my favorite elements of the Saffron Dance community.   Each month, we are able to introduce to the world one of the many Saffronitas that make up the beauty and diversity of the this lovely community.  And it is with pride and love that I introduce our August Saffronita, Sue. Like many of our longtime students, Sue came to Saffron with no background in dance and no real idea where a belly journey would lead her.  But she came with the spirit of a Saffronita - eager, curious and ready for a journey - and two years and two Raqs Retreats to Morocco and Crete later she has beautifully woven herself into the fabric of our community.  She yearns for challenge and is giddy for feedback.   She thrives on growth and absorbs every correction with humility and appreciation.  She truly is generous in her spirit!  I can't wait to see where her journey takes her and am thrilled and honored to join her in dance and friendship. -- Saphira