The art of belly dance & the community of amazing women have helped me grow and be inspired every day. -Nunah

Student Companies

The Saffron Dance Student Company program was created to provide dancers who seek to deepen their study with on-going choreography development and performance opportunities.  Currently home to ten resident companies, from beginners to pre-professional level dancers and representing a broad range of belly dance styles, the Student Company program constitutes an integral element of the overall dance experience.  Dancers are placed within a group of students who are in a similar place in their dance journey and development.  Because members enjoy participation for one year, they experience enhanced artistic and personal benefits that come from sharing a joint commitment to a common goal, working with a consistent choreographer, and developing friendships that flourish outside of the studio environment. 

Hear students talk about the performance experience of Student Company:

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Director: Linda/Jenna Shear

2016/17 Members: Ellen, Heather, Katie, Nijma, Sarah, Zeina

Ayoub offers further opportunity for growth as students progress. Dancing with this company provides the chance to broaden and deepen the range of technique and performance experience.  Participants will develop greater intimacy with complex classical music as they explore increasingly intricate movement.

Directors: Elena Faye

2016/17 Members: Achlass, Alya, Denise, Gilda, Guadalupe, Lilah, Mojgan, Odile, Oshún, Sandra 

Beledi is for intermediate level dancers hoping to find their unique performance voice while sharing the joy of dancing with a dedicated group.  Pieces feature more complex choreographies and blocking, while still grounded in accessible movement vocabulary.

Director: Keika

2016/17 Members: Adey, Amie, Baikal, Shauna, Laila, Traci

Chiftitelli is a multi-level company of dancers looking to explore different styles of Oriental dance ranging from traditional Egyptian to modern fusion.  Company members will gain performance experience while beginning to deepen their understanding of stage presence, artistic voice, and musicality.

Director: Jenna Shear 

2016/17 Members: Ashley, Maha, Dawn, Tugba, Livia-LeRynn, Heather

Saffron’s company for tribal dance, Karachi embraces both tradition and innovation with a modern, percussive edge. Karachi is currently a multi-level company composed of students in Tribal 2-3.  


Directors: Elena Faye

2016/17 members: Adrienne, Dona, Kara, Karen, Linda, Malek, Mireya, Sa'diyah, Shanze

Featuring Saffron's pre-professional and professional dancers, Maqsoum provides a forum for company members to push themselves by deepening their relationship with the art form, refining movement dynamics, strengthening  advanced technique, and expanding range of artistic expression.  

Director: Faten

2016/17 Members: Anna, Blythe, Diane, Gloria, Lena, Oshún, Patricia, Rae, Shanze, Undine, Zabrina, Zaira

Saidi is Saffron’s first folkloric student company, showcasing styles of folkloric dance from throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia.  Saidi provides belly dance students with the opportunity to explore the folkloric roots of Oriental dance as well as classical Oriental style.  

Director: Blythe

2016/17 Members: Amarna, Grace, Jazmin, Meg, Mena, Razilee, Shireen, Sonya, Tugba, Zabrina

Formed in 2013, Zeffa/Samai is one of Saffron's senior student companies.  Samai offers members an opportunity to refine technique and performance skills in an increasingly professional-level environment.  Company members are exposed to a wide variety of styles and advanced props, ranging from earthy Egyptian beledi to energetic fan veil fusion.