There is something very relaxing about meeting up with friends after a long day to dance your hearts out... -Stacey

Saffron's Folkloric program draws on the rich and varied folk dance traditions of Egypt, the Levant, and the Arabian Gulf.  Spearheaded by Master Instructor and native Egyptian Faten, Saffron Folkloric technique introduces students to the music, costuming and movement vocabulary of a diverse range of dances that have influenced modern belly dance performance.  The Folkloric repertoire includes:

  • Saidi/Assaya (stick dance from Southern Egypt)
  • Haggalah (social ritual dance from Western Egypt )
  • Khaligy (womens' hair dance from the Gulf)
  • Dabke (regional line dance popular throughout the Levant)
  • Ghawaze (Egyptian "gypsy" style)
  • Simsimeyya/Bambuti ("sailor" dance from the Port Said/Suez Canal region)
  • Fallahi (Egyptian farm larborer dance from the Delta region)