Saffron is my guilty pleasure, escape from the craziness of life and my sanctuary. -Sarah

Co-created by Moria Chappell, Jenna Shear, and Bagoas, Saffron's Tribal program traces its lineage from both the roots and branches of the Tribal Fusion family tree. Primary influences include Suhailia Salimpour and Bal Anat, Carolena Nericcio and Fat Chance Bellydance, as well as Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, and The Indigo. 

Saffron's Tribal Fusion program places special importance on an anatomical approach to dance through Moria's Muscular Belly Dance Technique (MBDT). First, students grasp movements through Saffron's signature approachable and and beginner-friendly breakdowns. Then, as students progress, they begin to finess their technique through a fine-tuned understanding of which muscles activate which movements. This intellectual understanding of body mechanics empowers students to safely go deeper into their technique and self correct during personal practice. Students experience hands-on corrections throughout their training to compliment verbal instruction and accelerate their progress.